rip shit or bustRip Shit or Bust - S.S.D. (self released)

Hello I-94 Barflies, hope you’re all well. “Rip Shit Or Bust” is the new four-song EP from Queensland underground punk rockers SSD. With members all over the country, it took a bit of time to follow-up the excellent “Resurrected” EP. 

“Rip Shit or Bust” just grooves. It really is a strong effort. 

“Fortune Teller” has screaming guitars and growling vocals. It grabs atterntion from the start and makes for a great opening track. “Bottle of Trouble” is a wonderful homage to all those classic Australian independent pop bands. Ronny Dap has written a tune that could sit quite comfortably on any Australian Pop cd collection.

 “2-4-6-8 Motorway” is a wonderful cover of the Tom Robinson Band song. S.S.D put their own spin on this without straying too far from the original, if this don’t get ya up and dancing, well, you need help. 

And the title track should be the single and should be playing on every independent radio station everywhere. It’s so fucking good . This is heavy as. Think glam-my punk meeting AC/DC . The guitar riff is brilliant, the drumming is so good and the mix is perfect.   

Ronny Dap was kind enough to drop me a line or 20 about the process of making this EP:

‘Fortune Teller’ is one of Darren’s songs he’s had lying around for years He plays everything here except it’s me on drums.  ‘Bottle of Trouble’ - I put this out solo last year but it’s obviously 10 times better with Darren doing everything with me on drums harmonica and synth.  

‘2-4-6-8’ was originally done by The Tom Robinson Band. Darren’s idea to try it and it worked out good. He plays everything except the drums and we had a bunch of friends to do the chorus. 

‘Rip Shit Or Bust’ I specifically wrote for the EP over a few months before I left for QLD.  Bit of an ACCA-DACCA stomper. Der played everything except drums. The big finish is what we used to pull out in the old days.  The little voice thing you can hear in the drum bit is taken from The Ruts’ live version of ‘Human Punk’.

Melbourne artist Josh Lord gave us his thumbs up to use an old painting of his for the cover and there you have it.  We’re not sure whether SSD will do anymore-time will tell… 

Well folks, let’s hope the S.S.D do record more in the future.  Take care Barflies.

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