the-arrogantsLike Johnny Appleseed, The Strypes travel the world and beget a host of similar teenage bands playing garage and beat rock and roll. At least that’s how we all want the story to go. The simultaneous existence The Arrogrants in the same hemisphere might be a complete coincidence, but there’s no mistaking the common influences and sheer unbridled firepower that this band packs.

The Arrogrants hail from Lille in Northern France and started life four years ago as a duo of 14-year-olds. Expanding to a quartet and supporting The Pretty Things in front of 15,000 people at a local festival, they caught the ear of DJ and ace producer Healer Selecta (The Dustaphonics) and this four-track EP is the outcome.

Prominent organ a la Lyres matches it stride for stride with full-toned guitar on each tune. The vocalist snarls and howls like a cross between Roky and Van in his Them days. 

The insistent “Mr Devil” opens the EP and sounds like it doesn’t intend ending anytime soon. “We’re Arrogant” sounds like a ragged pop anthem and “Drunky Blues” borrows from the Who before swathing burbling bass in organ and blues-drenched harmonica. “It’s An Experience” dials the switch to psychedelia with one foot firmly planted in the garage.

More proof the French can rock. If the album is as good as this taster it will be a killer. Follow the link below to order on vinyl or download. 


Dirty Water Records