unbelievably-bad-11There’s barely been time for a dog’s fart to clear since the last issue hit the post box so hopefully that’s a sign of life in the Unbelievably Bad camp.

More issues, more often, would be appreciated by the demanding masses who have no idea what goes into each edition of the magazine. That's the good news, but for mine this one misses the mark in content.

There are various reasons at work, not the least of which is we’ve already read (and published, in our previous life) Ross Buncle’s riveting story about Perth’s stillborn first punk band, The Geeks. I didn’t need to read interviews with the world’s most obsessed Misfits tribute bands (knowing they existed was enough) and much of the balance of the content is too metal for me.

On the plus side, the interview with much-travelled drummer Peter Kostic (Hard-Ons, Front End Loader, Regurgitator, Kryptonics) is a keeper and the reviews section is back (although personally there’s not much of interest within.) Taste is personal of course but a lot of what makes UB great is the attitude. The bottom line is that there isn’t an Aussie mag concerned with the darker/heavier end of the underground music scene that can touch it.

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