ever so lovelyMake sure you read until the end.  Let’s talk vinyl first:

The A side of this is where the voice (and guitar, for the most part) of X goes back to the ‘60s to show off his sentimental side. Steve Lucas pulled together a capable combo in Levi Franco (drums), Ryan MaCay (bass) and Herbie Mayhem (piano) to play his songs a couple of years ago, so strap yourself in.

“Ever So Lovely” is an ode to Mrs Lucas (hi Joey!), set to raunchy guitars and set off by Steve’s warm but chipped-at-the-edges vocal. Shades of A.R.M., his fabulous Oz Rock project of 20 years ago, here but not as excessive and fixed in the now.

Flip the platter and “Someone Special” harkens back to Lucas’s terribly underrated, Carnaby Street-inspired combo The Pubert Brown Experience who kicked around Sydney in the ‘90s to unjustifiably little acclaim. Jaunty keys and withering guitar are married a Beatlesque vocal outro. The Kinks rule! It works really well. (I know the plan was to do some singles but they should have made it an album.) 

Originally pressed in a limited run, you might procure a copy if you look hard enough in enlightened record stores or ask nicely here. So on to the digital stuff...

Both these songs are available as a download, along with recordings by The Strawberry Teardrop of two 1977 gems the late Ian Rilen and Lucas wrote in X . 

“Axe To Grind” is a heavy duty aural avalanche that was never recorded and has X’s black humour coursing through its exposed veins. “Hate City” is a slower take on the hyperactive, howling classic and the lyrics are even more intense when drawn, quartered and put on display like this.  Just go grab them now. The link below will take you there. Your Paypal account or plastic card will do the rest. 

martiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartinirating(an extra Martimi for the X songs)

Steve Lucas on Bandcamp