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Little Murders EP - Little Murders (Off The Hip)
Sweetness Brings The Light EP - The Fiction (Off the Hip)

It’s a crazy, mixed-up world where music-lovers buy things in every available format. This four-track vinyl EP comes direct from the “Dromana-Rama” CD album which is not available as an LP, so if you’re both a Little Murders fan and a vinyl fetishist, this is the only way to satisfy your habit.

“Memory Sky” is a superb opener but there’s also not a dud among the selections here. Which are: “Wait”, “Train” and “52 Bands”. The “Dromana-Rama” album has a lot of depth and grows with each listen, but something has to be said for assembling four of its best songs on a slice of black vinyl. If you don’t walk away from a listen thinking that power-pop-rock can't get any better, you have industrial deafness or your tastebuds have relocated to your back passage. 

The five-song Fiction EP is another gem in vinyl form, this time with five (five!) tracks from the “Ramona” CD album. They include the title track (of course) and it’s a near-run thing whether that’s the pick of the bunch or “Sweetness Brings The Light”. They’re the melodic ones and on the A side. The B side sports the punkier songs (“Birdman”, “Whatever It Might Take” and “Boytown”.) Did that happen by accident or design? YOU be the judge. 

Craig Pilkington produced the Little Murders EP for th most part and guitarist Rob Wellington did the job for The Fiction. Both scrub up a treat on vinyl. 

martinirating martiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartinirating - for both - and includes half a Martini for being on vinyl and 45rpm

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