lockdown blues cvrLockdown Blues - Moonlight 5 (Aldora Britain Records)

Guitarist Ed Garland has one of those gut-bucket voices which command your attention. I can't tell you if Moonlight 5 will be significant or not; but they're certainly getting attention around the world at the moment. Their knowingly lopsided-shrug blues slubs along the railroad, fed up and helpless, waiting for the crows to poke at their carcass. Fabulous use of horns, too; comparisons to Tom Waits are inevitable but mistaken.

The clip for “Lockdown Blues” shows US chain-gang convicts through a sepia filter, with the additional topicality of the stupidvirus - which we're slaves to; both clips use a familiar US slavery/ convicts as an allegory for an Australian context - this doesn't usually work, but does here (you'll have to watch the clips now) because they hint at wider concerns. Either way, both are the kind of thing you want to show your friends.


“Listening to Gospel Music”' draws you into a more civilised arena, not that that means very much; the clip has, I think, more of a wry sense of humour. References to the best-forgotten Donald Chump chime (I think the songs were written when The Mighty Fibber was still misusing his power) but really, both songs are allegories of.

The Moonlight 5's Sydney subtext should find a much broader appeal, which is why Aldora Britain Records have noticed them. The band - do excuse me, I'm not from Sydney - I don't recognise, but they're bloody good, knowing where to be creative and quiet and where to put the danger cones. John Cobbin plays bass and guitar; Liz Lim the bass clarinet; Digby Richards keyboards and Jim O'Sullivan drums. Also, any band with a member named “Digby” should have their own TV show.

Keep a lookout for the band when this infernal virus has finally eased up. Meanwhile, buy “Lockdown Blues” here.