masuak-eternosYou can't just live in an idyllic and rustic part of Spain and sit back. Chris "Klondike" Masuak has teamed with local major label band Los Eternos to crank out these two attention seekers.

"Weekend" was a mainstay in latter-day Hitmen sets. It's an unabashed Dictators cop, if the style of 'Tators you're referencing is the poppy part of the extensive catalogue. Los Eternos take to it like they wrote it. It's powerpop writ large and Masuak nails the vocal in his own way. "Animal" is a previously unrecorded Masuak solo tune that references Maroubra, Canada and a chick who's fucking hot. It's also a mainstay - in North 40 sets (that'd be Klondike's solo band in Australia.) The extended length version gives full play to a scorching Masuak lead-break, the likes of which are absent on the A side and have been missing for far too long around in these parts (Australia). Killer tune, killer 45!


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