g7 singleThis single is great and odds are that the album from which this comes, "False Memory Lane", would be even better. Let’s get the antecedents out of the way first.

The Galileo7 is the latest vehicle for ex-Prisoners bassist Alan Crockford, whose band was at the vanguard of the Medway garage rock wave in the UK. The Prisoners bit the dust in 1986 but Rockford has been dutifully playing this garage rock-pop stuff since then and this is a new line-up of his current band.

“One Lie At A Time” is timeless freakbeat psych-pop, with a thick bed of organ letting Crockford do his thing on fuzzy guitar around his own melodic vocal. Think DM3 going for a stroll down Carnaby Street. The song has an urgent feel in its hyperactive engine room with peerless mono production that gives the bottom end extra punch.

“The God Of Gaps” is the other A side and it’s a similarly sliced-and-diced piece of rich psych-pop with a soaring melody line and hyperactive bass. There aren't many bands doing this stuff so well. Proof that the ‘80s never really went away.


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