lindsay hutton 20182018 kicked off with the release of Amy Rigby’s “The Old Guys” (Southern Domestic). That was probably my outright, most spun album of the year and always played from start to finish in its proper sequence. Produced by Wreckless Eric, this really should be on every year end list. I hope that one day, the world will catch on because it could sure use her music as a balm right about now.

The Dahlmanns “American Heartbeat” mini album (Beluga/Ghost Highway) features  six songs whereupon Moss Rock City’s finest team up with Björne Fröberg (Nomads) and Chips Kiesbye (Sator) to deliver another chapter in timeless pop. It has a semi-baroque, almost folk quality. Line’s voice really has that Linda Thompson quality come to the fore. When I say folk of course I mean the LOUD variety, not that finger in one ear malarkey. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

My patience with one and two-person acts is often stretched but The Courettes are the exception to that rule. This fuzztastic duo make records that actually live up to the dynamite show. It’s nice to see them receiving the praise they deserve and how things are actually growing for them. “We are The Courettes” is their latest and unreservedly recommended album.

Lucy and The Rats, who are in Australia as I tap away, were the best thing I saw at the Wurlitzer Anniversary weekend in Madrid this past September.

Outright show of the year was Miriam and Nobody’s Babies at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival. Miriam is of course Miriam Linna. During the set she announced that this would be her last performance ever. It was the most emotional hour I’ve encountered at a show in recent living memory. A lot of us were openly weeping at the sheer magnitude of the heart punch being delivered song after song.

(Count) Peter Zaremba and Las Munjitas del Fuzz didn’t slouch none either as they conjured up the spirit of '78 New York with a set that you won’t hear The Fleshtones play anymore. Another highlight of that gathering was to be able to spend a wee while with the Rt Hon James Dickson Esq. after Birdman played.

I was also fortunate to attend what might be the teeniest festival I’ve ever come across. The Solbakken Fuzzfest takes place in Arendal, Norway in a largish garden between two houses. It’s a very local affair but any chance to see and hang out with Reine Laken is a call I will happily answer at any opportunity.

The Scientists came back to Europe and I saw them in Glasgow and Newcastle. At the sound check of the latter, they played ‘Last Night” and kept it in the set. I really hope they can keep this thing going because they’re perhaps better than ever at this point.

As 2019 rolls in, we Brits are pre-occupied with the cliff that our alleged government is about to drive us over. We’ll just have to see how this pans out. Just as well I’ve joined The Mighty Mai-Tones (see picture). How can we possibly fail?

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