blackie pony 2PETER “BLACKIE” BLACK
Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly guitarist and solo artist
Sydney, Australia

My "top ten" is a mess and i know some of the records i'm yakking about, i only got this year. OK? Sometimes, ya gotta play catch up, 

1. Canine – “In Dog Years Ya Dead”
Came out last year but i only scored it half way thru this year…really progressive in parts, top notch! And at the same time i brought Concrete Lawn’s “Aggregate”. Saw ‘em live and thought, "Fuck yea". Played the record and thought "FUCK YEA!" The singer Maddiso sounds like Cal from “Grave New World”-era Discharge.. ..there's no complaints from me :-)

2. Dead – “Raving Drooling”
HUGE actually they sound slicker yet heavier than ever before.. love it.

3. Some killer sludge from both Lucifungus – “Derek” (check out the track “Quintro”) and Witch Skull's third album, “A Driftwood Cross” \\m/

4. Rivers Of Snake – “Sleight of Hand”
Go straight to track two “Black and Gold”…then you may start the album again.

5. Owen Guns – “Violating Community Standards”
Remind me of the wonderful Aussie punkers, Rocks.

6. Thundercat – “It Is What It Is”
A freak!! Obviously some sorta prodigy.. jumps from brilliant hard funk to bubble gum just like that! Soooooooo good.

7. Lemon Twigs – “Songs For The General Public”
How cool it is that "cheesy pop" is still out there (people who slag it off do so cause they just can't do it)? Great tunes throughout this album.. at times sounding like Supertamp <3

8. Pig Destroyer – “Octogonal Stairway”
Bullshit good and bullshit punishing.

9.. Seeing Charlotte and the Harlots live twice in a row.
Can't wait to hear whatever they record .. they look about 16-years-old yet play a type of "proto punk slash glam" that my old man’s ears love.

10. Just some quick mentions of some killer reissues.
Always great stuff to rediscover (man all the Lee Perry stuff that came out this year <3) And the first Slugfuckers album, “Transformational Salt” .. a fave as a youngster. Someone in the US reissued it and it sounds pretty fat.. and the mighty ‘60s punkers We The People have had a 7" release of the tracks “In The Past” and “You Burn Me Up And Down” on Oktay Records…my god…whooooosh. Both tracks are dynamite but “In The Past” never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Life changing and affirming.

Peter Black's two lastest solo albums are out now and a new Nunchukka Superfly record is imminent.