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    Iconic punk rock pioneers, Black Flag, will tour Australia for the first time in a decade in December, playing two sets a night.

    Four shows have been announced and Black Flag will reprise its 1984 album, “My War”, in full over the course of one of them. 

    Black Flag is built around founding guitarist Greg Ginn and vocalist/pro skateboarder Mike Vallely,and are joined by Joseph Noval on bass, and Isaias Gil on drums,

    Ironically, Vallely stepped up to the mic and assumed the job in Perth on the final show of the band’s fractuous 2013 Australian tour after Ginn sacked then incumbent Ron Reyes onstage.

    One of the harbingers of the Southern Californian punk scene since forming in Hermosa Beach in 1976, Black Flag has had a string of frontmen including Keith Morris and Henry Rollins. 

    Tickets are on sale here.

    Black Flag December 2023 Australian Tour

    7 - GOLD COAST, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse
    8 - BRISBANE, Mansfield Tavern
    9 - SYDNEY, Factory Theatre
    10 - MELBOUURNE, Corner Hotel

  • descendents adlAndreas Heuer photo

    You heard about the body of a murdered man being found in Goodwood, South Australia?

    After the gig, me, Ocky and Robert Stafford (of Meatbeaters fame) were perched at the back of the tram as it lurched and whined its way homeward. This is Adelaide, not Melbourne, and we can only afford one tram. So it whines.

    Anyway, we’d got through the city and were on the last stop before the parklands when suddenly there were cop cars everywhere, zig-zagging before parking on the tram tracks. A crim ute appeared, and a rather scary-looking Alsatian as one cop ran up to the driver while others peered in at us with a worrying hopefulness.