ghost highway recordings

  • news from nowhere"News From Nowhere" - Atomic Zeros (Ghost Highway Recordings)

    If you don't like rock'n'roll, you'll hate the Atomic Zeros. They are all your worst irritants combined: garage, MC5, punk, surf, garage and Radio Birdman overtones.. But also: much of the phrasing reminds me more of Chris Bailey back in the day (see "Electric Chair"). Curious how insistent the Zeros are; yet so modern they seem compared to the rather lame “modern” music.

    They've broadened and fleshed out their sound, but one major element remains: they sound bloody enormous. Play loud at people who like Justin Bieber and crap that's everywhere that you have to try so hard to like, and that red-haired git as well. No, not John Lydon, though he probably wouldn't like it either.

  • NBT tributeThe idea took root a year ago. Ardo from Estonian band Dead Furies had an idea to compile a tribute album for New Bomb Turks, perhaps his favourite band and oen of the stars of the US 1990s punk rock scene. He hit up some up and coming rock bands, and some mainstays, to see if they would be interested.

    The response was overwhelmingly positive.

    The tracks started coming in from the likes of the Hellacoptersand DEMONS from Sweden,the UK’s Hip Priestsand the Killer Hearts(USA). In the end he got 14 different incredible artists from Europe and North America. 

    Newish label on the block ,Dragstrip Riot Records  have collaborated with seasoned labels Ghost Highway Recordings from Spain and Spaghetty Town Records from US to bring you “No Heroes No Leaders No Artists No Gods”. Every label released a different limited coloured vinyl and also the regular black version. 

    It's strictly vinyl only and the label names above link to websites. 


    1. Professional Againsters “Bolan’s Crash” (Sweden)
    2. Deadheads “Quarter To  Four” (Sweden)
    3. “DEMONS” “Pretty Lightening” (Sweden)
    4. The Boatsmen “Wine and Depression” (Sweden)
    5. Acid’s Trip “Snap Decision” (Sweden)
    6. The Chuck Norris Experiment “End Of The Great Credibility Race” (Sweden)
    7. The Hip Priests “Jukebox Lean” (England)
    8. Dead Furies “Your Beaten Heart” (Estonia)
    9. Scumbag Millionaire “Tryin' To Get By” (Sweden)
    10. The Drippers “Hammerless Nail” (Sweden)
    11. Jonesy “Jeers Of A Clown” (Canada)
    12. Killer Hearts “Spanish Fly By Night” (United States)
    13. Randy Savages “We Give A Rat's Ass” (England)
    14. The Hellacopters “Veronica Lake” (Sweden)
  • electric junkElectric Junk - Jeff Dahl (Iwannabeahoople Records/Ghost Highway Recordings)

    Jeff Dahl w,as born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955 and then relocated to Hawaii in 1960. He moved to Los Angeles and the rest is SoCal punk rock history.

    This most underrated singer-guitarist has released about 26 albums, serving time in the wonderful Angry Samoans and going on to play with with Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) ,members of The Germs and 45 Graves, and collaborating with Poison Idea. Not a bad rap sheet. He's now living back in Hawaii. 

    Receiving Jeff's new album, "Electric Junk", I was very exited to hear some new tunes from this living legend. Let me tell you: It just rocks with those songwriting and guitar playing skills shining like a harsh Hawaiian sun.