stu crawling backIn the ever-evolving landscape of Australian rock and pop, Stu Wilson, the rhythmic backbone behind acts like Lime SpidersChris Masuak’s Dog Soldier, Aberration and New Christs, steps into the spotlight with his latest project, Stu & The Connections

Their new single, "Crawling Back to You" b/w "Best Of Me," marks a departure into a realm that's darker, moodier, yet unmistakably Stu.  

It intertwines Stu's signature pop sensibilities with a more brooding undercurrent, a blend that's as intoxicating as it is introspective. 

The flip side, "Best Of Me," offers a lyrical introspection matched with an acoustic backdrop that's both raw and refined. This release showcases the band's versatility, navigating the fine line between rock's ruggedness and pop's catchy melodies.

Both tracks are available digitally now on Bandcamp.

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Recorded at the Stu Stu Studio by Stu himself and mixed and mastered by Ian Proudlock, these tracks are just a teaser for the upcoming mini-album set to hit the shelves courtesy of Crankinhaus Records. It's a collection that promises to delve deeper into the band's evolving soundscapes.