scars bookThe very magical Iris Berry was one of the original L.A. punks. She, and a remarkably talented soul survivor by the name of A Razor, founded Punk Hostage Press as a way of serving the community, giving hope to the hopeless, and shining light on original voices from the real underground. 

Together, they've released books by some of the best writers of our time.

This is an important contribution to our culture because, as you may have noticed, very few books, or films, or records, or plays, or any works of revealing truth or lasting value get made nowadays by the corporate media monopolies who primarily serve as cheerleaders for war, fascism and the bloodthirsty, winning is everything status quo. 

Punk Hostage Press has given a visible, audible platform to sparkling soothsayers like Rich Ferguson who is a wizard of wonder stringing words together like Christmas tree lights. Pleasant Gehman, Iris' longtime queen of punk, partner in crime; and Yvonne de la Vega, a modern-day hip beat, gardener, and human rights advocate.

Their newest discovery is the acutely candid, Nadia Bruce Rawlings-a potent, powerhouse provocateur whose emotionally jarring and courageously true tales of gruesome, gut wrenching heartache dare you to look away. A horrific, hair raising, harrowing tribulation that is so painful to bear one can not help but have a visceral reaction to her suffering, but be inspired by her triumphant choice to rise out of the flames of crazy abuse, pain, and betrayal.

It's not a feel good fiction about moonlit mimosas on the beach with sensitive dudes who go to the gym. Her woefully wounded wisdom and powerful illuminations ain't for happy shoppers, the faint of heart, reality show watchers, or anybody who owns a selfie-stick. It's an out of control car crash through tragedy after tragedy, disturbing mental illness, awful wretches, self destructive impulses, crime, guilt, grief, family sickness, twisted abusers, crack addiction, fear management, escapist misbehavior, desperation moves, jails, graveyards, and institutions.

"Scars" is unflinchingly hardcore. Recommended to survivors and people struggling to survive.

three mcgarrett