hamtramckHamtramck Jukebox – Brian McCarty & The Jen-U-Wine Faux Diamond Band (I-94 Recordings)

Number-one on the charts in my bruised old heart! This is an instant classic from Detroit's favorite glam ‘n’ punk frontman, the legendary, Brian McCarty from the mighty Motor City’s Trash Brats. I've only heard the song maybe four times so far, but it's already just so deeply familiar to me, it kinda feels like I've always been listening to it, most all my life.It's just like an old Hanoi Rocks or New York Dolls song you love, it has that same feel.

I suppose you could say I lived through a little bit of it. First time I met that wascally wabbit, Brian O'Blivion, he was memorably wearing a naughty nurse outfit, and way too much Rocky Horror makeup, when that was not a common sight in Indiana Holiday Inn bars. They tore the bar up like Iggy and the Stooges - it was very inspiring and empowering to watch those guys just get down.

I was probably 16 or 17 when I first started going to his shows and listening to his music, collecting their fliers, forming my own dead end kid garage glam bands. Brian and I have shared a lot of common friends, laughs, influences, experiences, and came outta the same underground subculture. So I naturally love this catchy tune for a lotta reasons-not only does it have the same fizzy feel as a lotta my own songs, but the people and locales, and proud traditions it celebrates-memorable characters like Ricky Rat, Dope Joe, Bootsey X (RIP), the Mutants, and mine and Paul K.'s close friend, Brian T, are all parts of the glittering Trash Brats legacy that I have met, seen, enjoyed, gotten drunk with, hooted and hollered and stayed up all night with, first hand, and personally.

It's really a fantastic love song to Detroit. Maybe my own tunes were about a couple of different dive bars and some different characters, but this song, is just so right up my alley. It feels like it's part of my DNA. It's the sonic equivalent of perusing one of my old ‘80s scrapbooks that got lost in some eviction, years ago. Ya know? I just love this kinda music, intimately. Additionally, I still love all these kooky characters, and have always enjoyed and admired his various bands and house parties and crazy looks and unforgettable performances.

It's catchy, glammy power pop, and very much in the Motown mythologizing tradition of Bob Seger. Brian McCarty is an extremely lovable and dashing and sincerely magnetic character, a bit of a frontporch Mark Twain philosopher, a humorist and always very witty social critic. And he looks good in negligees and fishnet. I've been his friend and fan for 33 years or something and it's always been a fun time, checkin' in to find out what his newest project is all about.

This is another big winner from Jim Rinn's true blue D.I.Y. underground record label, I-94 Recordings (ED: The US label, not to be confused with ours), so you probably already know that it is packaged with great love and care by indie anti-mogul and a diehard real rock 'n' roll fan. Features a Stevie Wonder classic on the B-Side.

Brian McCarty has so much talent, a great sense of humor, and a real soulful rock ‘n’ roll heart. If you love that old time rock ‘n’ roll as much as I do, get this 45 while you can. His records have been known to sell out fast. Best song I've heard in quite a while. I hope he keeps making marvellous rock ‘n’ roll like this for many decades to come. 

martiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartinirating - Many bottles and shots galore!

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