smash fashion 45There might be some irony in the band name considering their obsession with ‘70s glam rock, but Smash Fashion are from Los Angeles so maybe not. 

These veterans have been around for a dozen years in this form and call their music Dandy Rock. Even a cursory listen to the A side has Cheap Trick written all over it so it’s no surprise after some judicious online research to see them cited as a prime influence.

Speaking of the A side, “Junkie Luck” is mid-tempo metal-pop that takes a while to get going. It’s way more powerpop than punk, and metal-ly guitar overdubs abound. Not the worst cock rock thing I’ve heard this year (hey, it’s only January) but I can’t help but wait for a Steel Panther style chorus about hookers and money shots.

The flip is a Golden Earring B-side that slips into a nice feel and doesn’t deviate from there. Apart from the great drumming, frontman Roger Deering’s strong vocal delivers the payload on this one.


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