dion lunadon

  • dion lunadon LPIf you hear a noisier, more brutal yet musical album this year, call your lawyer and sue Mitsubishi for opening a car plant in your backyard. 

    Dion Lunadon used to be Dion Palmer, bassist for New Zealand-via-The-Lower-East-Side rockers The D4 back in the 1990s. He’s been living in New York City for the last 10 years, playing bass for abrasive noise merchants, A Place To Bury Strangers (APTBS). This eponymous LP is his first solo venture. 

    There are elements of Kraut rock, hard rock, noise rock, psychedelic rock and almost everything that can be appended to rock on this record. It’s full of ideas to the point of near overload. Apparently written as a cathartic release after rigorous touring with APTBS, it reeks of grime, sweat , post-road angst and not a little desperation.

  • Onetime frontman for high-energy New Zealanders The D4 and now a New York-based noise-rocker, Dion Lunadon, has a new album out, and a European tour underway with his band, TCB. The tour will be capped by an album launch at TV Eye in Queens, NYC, on December 7. 

    The "Systems Edge" LP was released via In The Red Records on November 14. It’s available physically and digitally here.“Nikki” is the latest video single.

    Dion says about the video, “The video is a cut and paste homage of snippets from artists involved in what some call the Cinema Of Transgression movement in NYC. The grime and grit of that time/genre perfectly embodying what I would consider the setting of the song."

    16th - Ravenna IT, Bronson

    17th - Rome IT, Init
    18 - Firenze IT, Ex Fila
    19 - Marseille FR, L’Intermediaire
    20 - Barcelona ES, Razzmatazz 3
    21- Madrid ES, Funhouse
    22 - Bilbao ES, Rocket
    23 - Bordeaux FR, La Maison d'Allez Les Filles
    24 -  Perigeaux FR, Le Moulin Du Rousseau
    25 -  Nantes FR, Little Atlantique
    28 - Hanover DE, Lux
    29 - Copenhagen DK, Beta
    30 -  Berlin DE, Urban Spree
    1 - Saarbrucken DE, Horst
    2 - Winterthur CH, Gaswerk
    3 - Bern CH, Hush Hush

  • fox 20221. Dion Lunadon “Beyond Everything” Album
    This is the second solo album by ex-D4 member Dion Lunadon. I actually discovered his first album via a reviewon this very site and loved it instantly. If anything this one is even better - a really cool mix of super raw Stooges-y guitars, moody synths, atmospheric interludes and balls-out garage rock.

    2. Love Gang "Meanstreak" Single
    This band's debut album “Dead Man's Game” was one of my favourites of 2019 so I was stoked to get this tasty morsel from their follow up due in January 2023 on the excellent Heavy Psych Sounds label. It’s a roaring greasy blues proto metal number that absolutely pummels the listener. Kind of sounds like Budgiemeets Motorheadand all the awesomeness that would entail.