• joey bedlamFavourite 10 Frontmen she listend to in 2018:

    Dave Aguilar - Chocolate Watch Band
    Rod Stewart - Faces
    David Johansen - New York Dolls
    Wally Tax- Outsiders
    Steve Lucas - X
    Greg Prevost - Chestetfield Kings
    Rudi Protrudi - Fuzztones
    Smokey Robinson - The Miracles
    Jim Keays- Masters Apprentices
    Joey Ramone - The Ramones

  • This Saturday in Sydney will be huge when return to the city of their birth. All-girl leather-clad groovers DollSquad and teenage tyros Pocketwatch will be in support at Marrickville Bowling Club with tickets selling here. If you're quick, you can pick up two tickets for the price of one by using the code RETURNOFX at the check-out. 

  •  joey fundraiser

    Feeling Festive? Here’s a present for you in the shape of four songs from Joey Bedlam, leader of Melbourne band Dollsquadand better half of X frontman and solo artist in his own right, Steve Lucas.

    Joey has assembled film clips for her tunes - all of them Shocking Blue covers - recorded with various bands outside of Dollsquad, including Perth's Chevelles. In the spirit of making somebody else’s Christmas a little brighter, she’s asking you to consider donating something to the Cancer Foundation.

    Joey’s donation link is here and we’ll repeat it at the end of this story just to make it super easy, OK?

  • steve lucas brisbaneMainstream media’s full of stories about the re-birth of vinyl, but anyone with half a clue knows the format never died. What’s glossed over in all the breathless reportage about black platters is the Art of the Seven-Inch Single. Consider the facts…

    Back in rock and roll’s heady days of the ‘60s - long before FM radio and the LP format took hold - singles were the deatyh or glory, one-shot-at-the-prize for many bands. The A side of a 45 was a distillation of a band’s essence. The B side was for experimenting.

    Melbourne musician Steve Lucas is a big fan of the 45 and acutely aware of the place in music that the format holds.

  • things will be different cvrThings Will Be Different: A Tribute To Little Murders – Various Artists (Twist Records)

    Tribute records? They used to be all the rage but are they now just a bit naff? It depends on who they’re lauding.

    Little Murders are Australian rock and roll’s – no! don’t say it! – Best Kept Secret. It’s a cliché, for sure, but don’t be afraid. It just means that cloth-eared and gormless cretins don’t know who they are. If you’re one of them, consider yourself admonished and start paying attention.

  • Top Ten albums from Joey Bedlam, vocalist for Melbourne-based garage band DollSquad.

    1. Shutdown 66 – ‘’Come on girl gimme half a chance’’
    1. Le Beat Bespoke V9 (compilation by New Untouchables)
    1. Rough n Tumble – ‘’Eyes on the Road’’
    1. The Smoggers – ‘’Funeral’’
    1. The Laissez Fairs – ‘’Curiosity Killed the Cat’’
    1. The Seeds – ‘’Butterfly Child’’
    1. Calidoscopio – “Get Ready’’
    1. The Chevelles – ‘’Steve McQueen (I wish I was)”
    1. Sonny Vincent – ‘’Snake Pit Therapy’’
    1. Steve Lucas – ‘’Joshua Tree’’ (because it’s a great song about The Joshua Tree and because it’s a Christmas song!!!)