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Australian crowds will have their first opportunity to experience Japan’s best, premium high-energy garage rock band when The Fadeaways make their debut on these shores in July 2024.

The Fadeaways have been wowing punters in their homeland since forming in Tokyo in 2005. Sharing a mutual love of ‘60s garage punk, ‘70s punk and trash, Toyozo (vocals and bass), Assman (guitar) and Ozzy (drummers) quickly established themselves on the tight-knit and fanatical Japanese underground music circuit.

This July 2024, prepare to be swept off your feet as Japan's high-octane garage rock sensation. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s an eyewitness account:

“Toyozo, Assman and Ozzy are more than a band; they're a spectacle of high energy, garage, pop, and punk music brilliance, dressed in super cool matching '60s Europop-inspired outfits that scream style as loud as their music.

“Each show is an adrenaline-fueled experience where Toyozo often finds himself leaping onto the kick drum, belting out tunes while perched atop the heaving drum. Ozzy isn't one to stay behind, melding his drumming with astonishing handstands on his kit.

“And Assman? He embodies the spirit of Japanese rock, leaping through the air and, in one unforgettable moment, skulling a bottle of Asahi handed to him by an audience member—all without missing a beat on his guitar.

"Shows by The Fadeaways are a visceral experience with endless movement and incredibly raw and energetic yet precise playing. That’s reflected in their recorded output of eight albums and countless singles and EPs."

Watch the Bar for more informaiton and ticket details soo, or viswit the band on Facebook here.

The Faedeways are the support of choice for overseas acts and have reciprocated by playing their own tours of the USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Shanghai and Taiwan.

Their hit-and-run Australian visit will cover Victoria and New South Wales with four gigs only:

The Fadeaways
Australian Tour
Thu 11- Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine. VIC
Fri 12 – The Tote, Collingwood, VIC
Sat 13 – The Crowbar, Leichhardt, NSW
Sun 14 – MoshPit Bar, Enmore, NSW