dalicados“Nevermore” - Dalicados (self released)

Hello Barflies! Dalicados are from Melbourne and have released “Nevermore”, a collection of well-crafted tunes from some of Australia’s most respected bands including The Chosen Few, I Spit On Your Gravy, Hunters and Collectors and Epic Brass.

“Nevermore” kicks off with a groovy track: “Make Hay While The Sun Shines” features great bass-lines, fabulous guitar-work and is a wonderful song to start off. “Simple As It May Sound” takes it down a notch. It’s very soulful and a touch sad.

The title track is a cracker. The storytelling is superb. Guitarist-vocalist James Lomas can writes like he’s putting music on a canvas It’s a song that captures your imagination.

“Cakes & Ginger Ale” is in my favourite track on this album. What a song and what a sound from Jack Howard’s stunning trumpet. It just pops out of the speakers. When Fiona Lee Maynard sings the second half of this tune, it just comes to life.

“Kind of Hard” and “Epigram” have a Smoky Robinson-cum-Delta blues feel. “Rattle Those Chains” is pure pop at its toe-tapping, singalong best. It sounds kinda familiar but who cares if it’s been borrowed – it’s just great pop music.

“Pigeons” is a slight rocker, the last and no means least track.

“Is Melbourne Bitter?” and by the sounds of this track, yes, it is. It “got lost on the  Williamstown train for a week”. It’s a great line and it’s just one of many on this most wonderful album.

“Nevermore” is full of heartfelt emotion. it can be uplifting and very sad, but passion runs through this album from start to finish.  

So folks, I’ll leave it up to chase this CD down. Bandcamp is a good place to start. And get yah jab so we can start to see live bands and fucking rock out again. Miss yah all. From the Farmhouse: take care.

five 5 beers please, Barman